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June 18, 2008

Player suffers of a stroke while getting ready for game

As Jennifer was preparing to play in a Women’s League soccer game on Monday, June 16, she collapsed as she stood up after putting on her soccer cleats.

She was transported to Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, where an MRI-MRA determined that she had a blood clot in the brain and would need immediate surgery. Jennifer was then transported to Abbott-Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis where the required surgery was performed and where she still remains.

Jennifer Manning was an All-American soccer player for the University of Minnesota. She was part of the USASA Elite Player Program as she played for the Minnesota Select Team. Her last performance was in this year’s George F. Donnelly Cup, where the Minnesota team was named 2008 Women’s Finalists.

She is currently the Stillwater Area High School Girls Varsity Coach and Director of Coaching for the White Bear Soccer Club. As of June 18, Jennifer’s condition is stable as she is being transferred out of ICU.

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