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January 26, 2009

Lawsuit allowed to continue

Common sense tells you that if your view of the playing surface from the seating bowl includes the back of the goal, you may be in danger of being struck by a ball or puck. Or, maybe not. After a Wake County court threw out Teresa Allred's lawsuit against a women's soccer league and the owners and operators of a Cary, N.C., stadium now called SAS Soccer Park, an appeals court ruled in December that the lawsuit could continue.
Allred was sitting behind the goal at an April 2003 Women's United Soccer Association match when she was struck in the head by a practice shot that sailed over the goal and into the stands. Allred's complaint, Allred v. Capital Area Soccer League Inc., filed in April 2006, alleged that she suffered post-concussive syndrome and a neurological disorder as a result of the incident.

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