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January 21, 2009

Fourteen year old Kori Quinn diagnosed with cancer

Some of you may have heard there is a girl, Kori Quinn who plays on the Viati 95's (U14's) who was recently diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma Cancer.
She is an amazing athlete and is now fighting for her life. Regardless of what jersey a player is wearing, a soccer player is a soccer player. We are reaching out into the soccer community asking for support for Kori and her Mom and Dad to help pay for medical expenses. Kori will start her 3rd round of chemo this upcoming weekend and then will have 10 more to go.
We are selling "Kick it for Kori" wristbands for $4 and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Kori Quinn Medical Fund.
We feel greatful to have healthy kids but when something like this happens EVERYONE needs to step up to the plate to support a kid who LOVES to play the game of soccer.
 You can find more info around Kori's story at www.viatisc.com and there is a link to her Caring Bridge website where her mom give daily updates.
Theresa Hultz
Cell 913-526-8565 
You can contact Theresa via the cell phone listed above or by email at theresa@viatisc.com

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