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September 29, 2007

Solo is out!

Outspoken goalkeeper Hope Solo will not be with the United States team for Sunday's third-place playoff against Norway in the Women's World Cup.
Coach Greg Ryan announced the decision just two days after Solo went public and criticized him for benching her for the semifinal defeat by Brazil.

Ryan's future is also up in the air.

The United States were unbeaten in 51 straight games before the Brazil loss, but the lopsided defeat and Ryan's decision to switch keepers -- Solo had not allowed a goal in almost 300 minutes -- makes it unclear if he will be retained.
Sunil Gulati, the president of the U.S. Soccer Federation, said on Saturday that Ryan's contract was up at the end of the year. He did not say if Ryan would coach the team in next year's Beijing Olympics.
"In all events like this ... we do a pretty quick analysis of what's happened; what's gone well, what's not gone well," Gulati said.
"That will happen even more quickly in this case," he added. "We'll analyze this situation after tomorrow. We've already starting analyzing it."

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