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September 28, 2007

Foudy is wrong

Julie Foudy has, in my opinion, really mischaracterized Hope Solo's comments. I don't think Solo attacked Scurry. In fact, I think Solo did nothing more than Foudy did in the broadcast of the game - when Foudy mentioned that it was the wrong decision to switch goalkeepers. Solo can criticize a decision like that and say that she thought she could make the saves without it being an attack on a teammate. It's confidence in her ability and hurt because of the denial of an opportunity that she had earned.

For example, when Foudy questioned the insertion of Tina Ellertson into the match, was she saying that Ellertson wasn't a good defender? No, she was harping on Ryan's decision. To make the leap from that to say that Foudy was attacking Ellertson is basically the one that Foudy makes here about Solo and Scurry.

The point that Solo was making in comparing 2004 to 2007 was obvious - it was to say that over those passing years, she has earned her place and become the starting goalkeeper for a reason. To reverse all that was a mistake. To say that, on current form, she is the best goalkeeper is a perfectly valid statement. To point out Ryan's mistake does not defame Scurry.

On the other hand, this is where it feels a bit like U.S. Soccer is closing ranks. It makes me wish that we had people covering the broadcast who were more objective. Heather Mitts is still on the team. How far will she go in criticizing Ryan when he could hold her playing fate in hand? Foudy is obviously close with many of the U.S team, especially Scurry. She seems to have reacted as if her friend was attacked. I think that's a limited perspective.

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