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September 28, 2007

Our beautiful game has been stolen by Greg Ryan

I’m disgusted with the Women’s World Cup team and how their entire game has come to “kick it 60 yards to Abby”.

Personnel decisions by Coach Ryan have many calling for his removal, and I agree it was a horrible thing to do to a team that was already under pressure for not performing to expectations so far in the Cup. However, if you want evidence as to why Coach Ryan should really be removed, you need only have watched our games these past few weeks with a careful eye.

He has completely stripped our starting 11 of creative players, possession-oriented play, and rendered our mid-field to “monkey in the middle” status – where their sole role is to try and intercept anything the opponent tries to lob over us, and to watch as our defense lobs balls over their heads to Abby. Not one time yesterday did I see a central midfielder check back to receive a ball from the defense, turn and distribute the ball on the ground. I’m sure it happened, but I was so upset by the overall [lack of] style of play that I’ve blocked out the few exceptions. It was just plain bad soccer, period.

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