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September 12, 2008

Marketers nightmare


Today St Louis United Soccer, operators of the St Louis franchise in the new Women's Professional Soccer league and the the organization behind St Louis's MLS Bid revealed the name and logo of the women's team.
In what many may view as a radical departure from modern US sports culture, they decide to simply name themselves after the city: St Louis.
No mascot inspired nickname. No cutesy moniker. St Louis.
St Louis seems to want to tie in their brand identity with that of the men's team.
Their women's team crest resembles the crest for the presumed men's team only there is a Joan of Arc type woman on a horse with a flag instead of a sword.
It may very well be that St Louis, St Louis United, St Louis FC or SC could end up being the name of the men's team as shown in this leaked logo at right.
St Louis is still vying for an MLS expansion slot and has hinted it may look to the USL recently.

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