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August 28, 2008

Chicago Fire vs. Chicago Red Stars

From Peter Wilt's blog:
"At the risk of sounding like a disgruntled former employee - which i'm sure i am - i feel compelled to share a story about my only previous contact with the Chicago Fire's new team president, Dave Greeley....
At one point during the meeting, Greeley's relentless disparagement of soccer and the Fire forced AEG's Bill Peterson and me to swear at him (as I recall, it began with an "f" and ended with a "u"), get up from the table and head for the door."

Wilt sure knows how to hold grudges... and make them public. Why would you want to embarrass Greeley now?
Chicago Fire and Greeley will be Wilt's landlords. That lease better be signed and sealed by now.
Can't wait to see how this love affair develops.
By the way, does anyone know who instigated that boycott of Monterrey Security and the Fire?

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