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January 07, 2008

Greg Ryan

Two cheers for Greg Ryan for coming on the Fox Soccer Channel show to talk about his perspective on the US teams performance at the World Cup.

Three jeers for Greg Ryan for his many inconsistencies in explaining his decisions.
Was Solo benched because:
- it was agreed in advance that Scurry would play against Brazil
- of Solo's team rules violations
- Scurry was better in training 2 days before the Brazil game

The US relied on long ball because:
- Ryan believes that there is no room for short passing in the women's game, "Back then, you could get away with playing little passes all over the field and have success doing it. But in the modern game, a team that just knocks the ball around the middle of the park is going to get killed doing it," - September 19, 2007
- the US was too young and inexperienced to deal with pressure.
Here are ages of some of the US World Cup starters:
Lilly – 36
Rampone – 32 years old
Markgraf – 31
Boxx – 30
Wambach – 27
Whitehill – 25
Lloyd - 25
In reality the US had the highest average age in the tournament.

IF Solo violated team rules, Ryan did not spell it out right away because:
- Solo is a young player and he wanted to protect her. Of course Ryan's comment that Solo's mental state after being benched "is not my concern" reveals volumes.

Mr. Ryan, say no more, get a college job and enjoy your retirement.

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