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December 29, 2007

Top 5 women's soccer stories of 2007

Here are top 5 women's soccer stories of the year. Some are obvious, some were missed by the soccer press.
1. The Greg Ryan Blunder and Hope Solo Fiasco – a total disaster. Completely mishandled by Greg Ryan, Bret Hall and Aaron Heifetz.
2. UCLA’s Failure - despite having at her disposal the best talent, the biggest budget and a recruiting advantage unavailable to other college coaches, Ellis just can't win the big one, 0 for 6.
3. USC’s Success – from shambles to apex in one season.
4. Vancouver’s Failure – Canadian and USA national team players could not get in W-League playoffs losing out to Seattle and San Diego. It will get even tougher in 2008.
5. W-League vs. WPSL – WPSL champions join W-League, both leagues continue expansion.

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