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September 13, 2007

Record Global TV Audiences

The fifth FIFA Women's World Cup has got off to a great start not only in terms of action on the pitch and atmosphere in the stadia but looks set to confirm the high expectations of TV audiences around the world. Judging from initial figures from the first three days of play, the women's showpiece has no doubt become a standard-bearer in international football.

Just to give a first glimpse on the promising coverage the opening match between defending champions Germany against Argentina, which brought a tournament record 11-0 win, reached a market share in Germany of over 20%. In total that 2.5 million spectators tuned in on ZDF, an excellent figure matching the audience of a major Champions League match.

In Japan, the thrilling drama of Japan's team first match against England (1-1) attained almost 20% market share on Fuji TV. But the most prominent figure so far came from TV4 Sweden with a market share of 56.8% for Sweden's opening match in Group B against Nigeria (1-1).

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