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September 11, 2007

USA Player Ratings

USA vs. Korea DPR Player Ratings (scale 1-10

Hope Solo - 5 - Average performance from a keeper suggested to be the best in the world.
Stephanie Lopez - 4 - Lacking experience, unnerved by the occasion.
Christie Rampone - 7 - Did her job.
Cat Whitehill - 5 - Poor distribution, well enough defensively.
Kate Markgraf - 5 - Not enough from one of the most experienced players.
Shannon Boxx - 5 - Tough time on a heavy pitch against qiucker opponents.
Carli Lloyd - 4 - Tried her best, opponents exposed her weaknesses.
Lori Chalupny - 7 - Along with O'Reilly most effective US player.
Abby Wambach - 6 - Worked hard, isolated too much.
Kristine Lilly - 4 - Hard time against quicker, fitter opponents.
Heather O'Reilly - 7 - Scored a key goal, defended well, consistent attacking threat.

Greg Ryan - 3 - Poor game management and tactical adjustments. Curiously substituted
O'Reilly when Lilly should have been taken off. Did not help his three midfielders when it was obvious in the last 30 minutes they were outnumbered and overmatched.
Why was Tarpley kept off???

Player of the Match - Heather O'Reilly

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