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September 29, 2008

PR nightmare for WPS

"And it's a horrible PR move. By holding a "draft" fans are expecting these players to be on the field. The average fan has no idea about transfer fees, contracts, etc. To sell a league that can't deliver the players it drafts will kill WPS before it even starts. Very disingenuous," - Posted by casocrfan

"I agree. That's why the more I've learned about the international allocation, particularly the "big names" and the media reports that followed all saying WPS had drafted these international players the more concerned I am. It makes WPS seem like they're lying for the exposure when players like Smith and Marta don't come. That or at the very least if we believe their noble intentions, that WPS can't get it done when it comes to attracting these internationals. And with the money players like Marta and Smith are going to demand, perhaps that's the best case scenario as someone pointed out earlier. The alternative could be the overwhelming of the WPS financials, not unlike WUSA," - Posted by athletics68

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