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September 21, 2008

England internationals won't join WPS

The FA are set to announce the biggest development in women's football since it took over the running of the game 15 years ago, with central contracts for top England players, a new 'Superleague' of eight teams to start in March 2010 and the appointment of a full-time performance director.
With new professional leagues soon to start in the United States and Australia, following the launch of an elite competition in Holland, there is a threat of top players leaving England to play abroad. The FA's new plans are expected to be approved at a board meeting this week.
The FA are giving serious consideration to creating a model similar to the draft system used in the United States, where the best players are shared between the teams. The move would prevent the situation that currently exists where Arsenal and Chelsea are streets ahead of everyone else. Also under the new proposals, the top England players would be put on central contracts worth £16,000 a year.

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