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September 16, 2008

WPS allocation ratings

With the allocation draft complete, lets break down the selections.
For FUN we are going to rate each pick and give some of the upside or downside to the allocation.

St. Louis: 1) Hope Solo 2) Lori Chalupny 3) Tina Ellertson - St Louis picked up two impact, young players, a good spread of playing positions.
In Chalupny, SL grabs something rare, a versatile player who can play any position. In Solo they get the best keeper in the world. 2**
Upside: They are young and will improve.
Down Side: Ellertson can be unpredictable.

Boston Breakers: 1) Kristine Lilly 2) Heather Mitts 3) Angela Hucles – Boston got experience and leadership, overall a good mix. 1*
Upside: Not much upside here.
Down Side: How old are these players?

Sky Blue FC: 1) Heather O’Reilly 2) Christie Rampone 3) Natasha Kai - Looking for pace, they got that with all three. With Rampone they get level headed leadership. 2**
Upside: With a playmaker they can be dangerous.
Down Side: Kai being Kai. Can be a liability off the field.

Chicago Red Stars: 1) Carli Lloyd 2) Kate Markgraf 3) Lindsey Tarpley – Good allocation for Peter Wilt's team. 2**
Upside: Steady performers.
Down Side: Its all blue collar.

Los Angeles: 1) Shannon Boxx 2) Stephanie Cox 3) Aly Wagner - Mediocre pick up for LA. 1*
Upside: Not much.
Down Side: Will need strikers.

Washington Freedom: 1) Abby Wambach 2) Cat Whitehill 3) Ali Krieger – Health wise perhaps the riskiest allocations in the entire round. Can Whitehill come back and perform? Will Wambach be 100% ready? Time will tell. 1*
Upside: Strong competitors, personalities.
Down Side: Injuries.

Bay Area: 1) Leslie Osborne 2) Rachel Buehler 3) Nicole Barnhart - Got a bunch of good names, none WNT impact players. Can they deliver? 0*
Upside: It can only go up from here.
Down Side: Lack of experience.

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