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August 06, 2008

Not sure about Dallas

The Women's Professional Soccer league is scheduled to launch next spring with a franchise in Dallas. Or, at least, that was the original plan.
Eight months away from the start of the regular season, Dallas and St. Louis remain the only teams among the seven franchises without a home stadium.

WPS commissioner Tonya Antonucci said she hopes the Dallas stadium issue will be resolved by early September. If not, the opening season for Dallas could be postponed.
"If we had nowhere to play, we have to all agree to give ourselves more time to get into the market the right way," Antonucci said. "That would mean 2010, but we haven't given up on 2009."
The lack of a stadium has kept Dallas team owners, who also operate the Sting Soccer Club, from selling season tickets, finding business sponsors or hiring front-office staff.

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