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June 27, 2008

Washington Freedom use of soccer field scoured

At Lewinsville Park, home base of McLean Youth Soccer, a lot of kids play a lot of soccer all the time. Most of those kids are from McLean, but not all of them, and that might be a problem.
The Fairfax County Department of Community and Recreation has begun an investigation into the relationship between McLean Youth Soccer and the Washington Freedom, a Maryland-based professional women's soccer team. About twice a week, Super Y league teams of girls who have paid hundreds of dollars to play soccer with the Washington Freedom youth teams gather at Lewinsville Park to play.
“Taxpayers helped fund the field, we pay for the lights, we fund the maintenance. ... They shouldn't let for-profit teams make money from a county field,” said Liz Rothrock, a McLean resident who lives close to the park.

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