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March 08, 2008

Patraw whistle blower complaint dismissed

Nevada State Personnel Commission Administrative Hearing Officer Bill Kockenmeister has dismissed the Whistle Blower complaint filed by former Nevada women's soccer coach Terri Patraw.
The lawsuit that Patraw has filed against the school and several of its officials is still pending. Patraw was effectively fired by the school before the start soccer season last fall.
"It appears to the undersigned administrative hearing officer, based on a review of the extensive written record and the demeanor of the numerous witnesses, that Petitioner (Patraw) was terminated because of the reasons discussed by Ms. Groth," said Kockenmiester in releasing his decision. "That is, that Petitioner consistently failed to follow the directions of her supervisors, (associate athletic director) Ms. (Cindy) Fox and (athletic director) Ms. (Cary) Groth, that Ms. Groth lost confidence in Petitioner after the anonymous emails were sent, and that Petitioner's constant threats of resignation and complaints about her salary had a negative impact on the athletics department."
"We expected this decision based on the facts," Groth said. "We are pleased with the decision and we will continue to focus our energies on moving our program forward with integrity."

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