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March 24, 2008

Cocoa Expos join WPSL

SACRAMENTO, CA (03/24/08) - The Women's Premier Soccer League (WPSL) is proud to announce that the Brevard County Cocoa Expos have been awarded rights to a franchise in one of the top leagues in the world starting this Summer 2008 season.
Head Coach & Executive Director James Kryger announced the new franchise affiliation with the WPSL to the community this week and added his feelings about the organization joining the WPSL.
The Expos make the jump from the USL W-League Atlantic Division, which they were a member of the last two years and undoubtedly own one of the best franchise starts in W-League history. Coach Kryger is happy with the move to the WPSL.
"The move for us away from the W-League and into one of the world's best leagues - the WPSL - was an easy decision," said Kryger. "We feel very confidently that the competition and rivalries that a Florida based division will attract is influential in the overall development of our players and in attracting the best women's soccer to the fields of Brevard County."

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