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November 26, 2007

WUSA 2009

To reinforce, the good news is that we evolved from having a goal to launch and having a group of investors that were committed to the process, to actually having real funding in, more funding being staged in and we are actually starting the league at this point, making hires and preparing marketing budgets, etc. It’s pretty exciting.

From WSII’s perspective, we’ve had to have a lot of patience over the last two and a half years to keep these owners involved in the process and convince them of the viability of the business plan. The reality was that it took a while to get them to understand that whereas WUSA has some missteps from a business standpoint, that this business model is sound and they should invest in it and that they should commit to it. That took some time and it took getting the right group of people together on the investment side and now they’ve not only said they’re going to do it but they’ve actually put their money in, in a sizeable way to do it.

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