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January 18, 2006

Women's pro soccer trying for a relaunch in 2007

"The likely time for a women's professional league to be relaunched would be in spring 2007. The season would run through August, similar to the WUSA.

Antonucci has been low-key about making announcements, not wanting to overstate expectations.
Still, there is a soon-to-be meeting which Antonucci calls an "investor forum." While not getting too much into specifics, she said a relaunch would include at least eight teams, the number involved in the WUSA.
"We are talking to multiple markets and potential owners in more than eight markets," Antonucci said Wednesday in a phone interview. "We're in serious discussions with some markets, and in others it's more exploratory. The positive news is that we have made great strides with key interested owner investors."

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